A cop may have put a pregnant woman in a chokehold during a struggle in Brooklyn



So the NYPD is at it again. This time they have choked a 7 month pregnant Black woman. Her offense? She was grilling in front of her house. This is over a damn grill.

Right on cue, people are already talking about the NYPD needing sensitivity training etc. They don’t get it. This is what the NYPD does. It’s not about a lack of training. They are looking for any reason to inflict fear and escalate a situation so they can use as much force as possible. I don’t know how many more incidents need to happen to make it click in their heads that the police is terrorizing Black communities. How much more ridiculous do these situations need to get? You tell me what warrants choking a pregnant woman for grilling in front of her house. Damn whether that is not allowed or not. You know what you do in that situation as a cop? You give her a citation or a fine. Not the NYPD, they choke and assault pregnant Black women.

Also, let’s not forget that Eric Garner was NOT selling cigarettes, that was just their cover up for assaulting him in the first place.

For reals. Fuck all cops, they are our enemies and need to be treated as such.







This needs more notes ._.

Here I am reblogging this from myself because I think everyone who breathes needs to see it and MAKE IT STOP.

This is a joke. He interviews people and makes jokes. Calm your feministic self down.

Get out. If you honestly think that, I want you to unfollow me right now.

That guy isn’t joking, and if he is, its a god awful joke, and has no right to be supported. If he’s joking, then its an example of institutionalized misogyny in comedy that has been built up over the years and decades past, and it is not acceptable.

I am uncomfortable with those jokes, and I’m a GUY. It isn’t ok to do to ANYBODY, let alone people who are trying to enjoy a convention and cosplay a character they like. This is disgusting and shit like this needs to stop, from all angles, even someone trying to make a shitty joke.

Women are not objects, and they should not be treated as such.

If you think this guy is funny for doing that, and if you honestly think I need to calm down for being “feministic” in this issue, then you need to unfollow me, because I have no intention of stopping. And now that you’ve drawn attention to yourself with this, I highly suggest you don’t bring it up again.

In fact, I recommend you take a good long look at yourself. Take a look at how you are treated, and how other people around you are treated. If you think this is comedic and funny, you need to check yourself, because its not. If you think joking about women in such a way that demeans them and objectifies them, you need to check yourself.

And above all else, if you think someone standing up for equality of women and the cessation of this shitty behavior from EVERYONE, not just this comedian, warrants someone like YOU telling that person to “calm [their] feministic self down”, then you need to reconsider your priorities in life.

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